Travel Medicine

Travelling overseas can be an exciting time but is important to ensure that you are prepared and protected. Travel immunisations play an important role in protecting you against serious disease that is common in some countries.

By choosing Aspen Corporate Health as your travel medicine provider, we can help you appropriately plan for your trip and ensure that you stay safe and protected. Our travel medicine service includes:

  • a comprehensive understanding of travel requirements and destination specific vaccinations
  • destination specific advice around safe travel including individualised reports
  • travel accessories to make your travel safer
    • medication specific travel kits endorsed by the Travel Medicine Australia (TMA) network
    • mosquito nets
    • DEET/tropical grade insect repellent
  • a comprehensive post travel consultation to reassure you and your organisation (if you are travelling for work) that we have taken the best possible care of you and that you have returned in good health
  • secure storage of your immunisation records using the All of Life Immunisation Register with patient supported documentation that includes the universally used Yellow Book
  • travel medicine seminars and workshops.

Aspen Corporate Health’s partner clinic network includes accredited Yellow Fever clinics that can provide relevant vaccination and documentation.

We also offer pre- and post-deployment medical checks for employees travelling outside of Australia to ensure they are medically fit for an overseas deployment.