Health and Wellbeing

Our cutting edge health and well-being programs are based on the latest research that are measurable, engaging and proven to boost employee performance, retain staff, reduce absenteeism and strengthen corporate culture.

We offer a comprehensive and flexible range of health and well-being services including:

Executive Medicals

Our executive medical assessments are designed to identify health risks and enable the early detection of disease. Our assessments are conducted by our general practitioners in conjunction with our team of allied health professionals including accredited exercise physiologists, health coaches and registered nurses. All of our clinicians have undergone an extensive clinical credentialing process and operate under our clinical governance framework, which is overseen by our company medical director.

We have three unique programs to cater for all staff levels and ages, including:

  • premium essentials
  • premium classic
  • premium plus

Premium Essentials

Kick start your organisation’s path to good health by providing your employees with this popular health check that offers a snapshot of their current health status. This assessment includes essential pathology screening and a 30 minute results consultation with our general practitioner, allowing ample opportunity to discuss all health concerns.

Premium Classic

A premium classic health assessment will provide your executives with effective, long term solutions to improve and maintain their health and well-being by addressing health risk areas affecting Australia’s ageing population. Recommended for individuals over 40 years of age or for those with family history concerns, this comprehensive assessment is conducted by an exercise physiologist and general practitioner and includes extensive pathology screening, a detailed medical questionnaire, medical consultation, prostate cancer screening and cardiac screening.

Premium Plus

Our premium plus program is an extensive executive health assessment that combines all the great benefits of the premium classic service along with a more detailed examination and screening process and extended consultation with our general practitioner.

On-site Executive Health Assessments

Our team of experienced clinicians have undergone extensive training to ensure that we offer comprehensive on-site executive health assessments in any workplace setting. Our targeted recommendations will assist in improving behaviour towards health and wellbeing self-management.

We offer a range of health assessments to meet the needs of your workforce – from heart health checks through to a comprehensive health risk assessment. Our flexible approach allows you to choose from a range of assessment levels that are targeted to specific employee groups or identified risk areas.

Individual Reports and Health Engagement Plan

Once you and your employees have completed our health assessments we provide you with an individual report and health engagement plan which explains your results and highlights any key risk areas to follow up.

A health engagement plan is prescriptive and tailored to your unique health goals, ensuring maximum engagement. You will receive recommendations for diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications and we will design your individual report so that you may use it as an ongoing self-management tool to complement your health engagement plan.

We follow strict referral guidelines to ensure that you and your employees are referred to your regular treating general practitioner for ongoing management of your health risks.

Skin Cancer Screening

Our experienced and qualified skin screening consultants provide a complete on-site solution for all industries using the latest technology available and our unique 5 step process to ensure thorough skin checks are performed.

We offer workplace skin cancer screening across metropolitan and regional Australia with the flexibility of combining our assessment options and delivering it you in the one location.

Do your employees regularly work outdoors? It is important to ensure all precautionary measures are taken for those who cannot avoid exposure to the sun during their course of work.

Increased sun exposure means that you are at greater risk of developing skin cancer so it is no surprise that employees who are required to work outdoors have a higher average risk of skin cancer.

If your employees regularly work outdoors it is important that they are regularly screened for possible skin cancers and given advice on sun protection and how to regularly examine their own skin.

With over 10 years’ experience in conducting on-site skin cancer screening services, we can ensure that your employees are protected by providing them with an extensive skin assessment and advice on personal skin examination which is highly recommended by the Cancer Council of Australia.

Injury Prevention Services

Our injury prevention programs are focused on providing knowledge and education to employers and staff on the risk of injury in the workplace and facilitating strategies to significantly reduce the risk of injury to an employee. Our services can be tailored to fit the needs of your organisation, and can include:

  • manual handling presentations
  • ergonomic assessments
  • warm-up for work sessions
  • preventative exercise programs
  • personalised exercise programs
  • group sessions.