Occupational Medicine

Our comprehensive range of occupational healthcare services ensures that we can tailor a solution to suit your workplace needs. Our services include:

Pre-employment Medicals

A pre-employment medical is an independent assessment of injuries and illnesses conducted by a qualified physician in order to minimise risk to your employees and your workplace. Our pre-employment medical assessments adhere to industry medical standards that will ensure an applicant is fit for work. Our fit-for-work assessments cover a number of industries including:

  • rail and track
  • commercial driving
  • forklift, crane, scaffolding and rigging
  • resources (including oil, gas and mining)
  • emergency response
  • confined spaces.

Our musculoskeletal Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is conducted in conjunction with our pre-employment medicals to assess the applicant against job task requirements. A musculoskeletal FCE identifies any limitations and/or deficiencies in order to minimise risk of injury and to ensure the applicant can perform operational duties safely and effectively over a full working day.

We offer customised evaluations or a standard range of light, heavy and special joint reviews.

Our musculoskeletal FCEs are conducted by a qualified physiotherapist or accredited exercise physiologist with experience in assessing the physical capabilities of an employee. This includes strength tests using increased weights to measure capacity at heavier workloads and to balance and coordinate assessment. Pending the job requirements, a fitness assessment is also used to assess aerobic capacity.

After the functional assessment has been conducted our medical practitioner will prepare a report and liaise with you to discuss findings and recommendations for treatment and/or duty restrictions.

Injury Management

We offer injury management services via our preferred partner network. This service offers experienced physicians, exercise physiologists, physiotherapists and psychologist working together to assist an injured employee in returning to work as soon as possible.

With early intervention and applying the most appropriate treatment plan we can identify suitable duties to assist an injured employee to remain on the job or develop and implement a return-to-work plan.

We work with you, your employee and our injury management team to ensure the best possible outcome for the injured employee and your workplace.

Health Surveillance

Our qualified physicians offer on-site health surveillance to ensure that your current control measures are effective and to provide you with the opportunity to reinforce safe work practices. A health surveillance assessment ensures that you are following your legal requirement to identify, monitor and control occupational hazards in your workplace.

By utilising our knowledge and expertise in health surveillance you will minimise risk factors that your employees may be exposed to and greatly minimise overall risk to your organisation. Our occupational physicians are highly experienced in educating your employees about specific hazardous substances in addition to the affects that repeat exposure can have on their health in the short and long term.

Why should you monitor?

Depending on your workplace environment, your employees may be subject to excessive exposure to substances that have adverse consequences to their health both in the short term (e.g. topical skin reactions) and the long term (e.g. lung disease). By implementing best practice guidelines around personal protective equipment and conducting appropriate screening (e.g. spirometry) the risks associated with over exposure can be monitored and a corrective action plan can be implemented.

By incorporating health surveillance and effectively managing workplace risks, you will see a positive effect on your employees and your organisation, including:

  • less sick days
  • a reduction in insurance costs
  • reduced pressure on employees covering sick leave
  • increased employee engagement
  • increased productivity.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

A drug and alcohol free workplace is a vital component to ensuring the health and safety of your employees. We offer instant urine and saliva testing as part of pre-employment medicals and/or on-site health surveillance assessments.

Our professional and accurate drug and alcohol testing includes:

  • random testing where an employee is chosen at random on a recurring basis
  • for cause testing where an employee is suspected of breaching an existing drug and alcohol policy or they behave in such a way that has or may have caused a risk to their safety and the safety of others
  • post incident testing where there is concern that an employee may have been affected by drugs and/or alcohol
  • blanket testing where all employees are tested.


We offer the highest standard of accredited onsite training courses as part of the Aspen Medical Group through the Aspen Medical Training Academy, a nationally-recognised training organisation that specialises in providing world-class and innovative health-based training courses across Australia. The Aspen Medical Training Academy provides accredited, flexible and tailor-made training courses for Aspen Corporate Health, including:

  • CPR
  • first aid
  • drug and alcohol testing
  • mental health first response.