Flu Vaccination Fact Sheet

We understand the impact of the flu virus on your workplace and recognise that productivity can be affected. Research indicates that:

  • flu is highly contagious4
  • a flu-infected employee may be absent for four to six days1
  • flu may impair a worker’s performance by about 20–40%
  • flu may have a significant economic impact on your business.1

Statistics also indicate the positive impact of implementing a Flu Vaccination Program in your workplace, stating that:

  • healthy employees that are vaccinated against the flu take nearly half the number of sick days compared to unvaccinated workers5
  • vaccinated employees visit the doctor’s office for upper respiratory illnesses nearly half of the time in comparison to unvaccinated workers5
  • there are fewer lost work days due to influenza-like illness5
  • workplace productivity increases.6

Help protect others and contribute to your corporate responsibility objectives

By implementing our flu vaccination program into your workplace, not only will you help protect your team from contracting the flu virus, you will also help to prevent your team from spreading the flu to other employees and to your clients.

You will also be supporting other Australian businesses by purchasing an Australian-made vaccine.

Our Flu Vaccination Program is a fully managed and coordinated service and best of all, we come to you!

Read more about what services are offered under our Flu Vaccination Program here.

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Some of the information in this report has been produced with permission from CSL Medical Information: 1800 642 865. ® bioCSL is a registered trademark of CSL Limited. Date of preparation: July 2013. 12201-ACH. DC5994.