Healthy Eating that won’t Break the Bank

Eating a healthy and balanced diet doesn’t mean you always have to buy the most expensive foods. By making a few small changes to your daily lifestyle, you can eat healthily and save money at the same time.

Below are some tips for eating a balanced diet without breaking your budget:

  • Keep a supply of frozen fruit and vegetables in the freezer – They tend to be cheaper than fresh fruit and vegetables and are just as good for you.
  • Tinned food – Canned tomatoes, beans and pulses are cheap and nutritious. Try to choose versions that contain low levels of salt and sugar.
  • Include more vegetables – Vegetables tend to cost a lot less than meat. Try adding more vegetables to your meat based meals. The meat will go further, saving you money, and the vegetables will give you essential vitamins, minerals and fibre.
  • Shop at your local market – It is worth checking prices at your local suppliers or markets. They can often be cheaper and buying their produce can help support your local community.
  • Make your own food – Eating out at restaurants and buying takeaway foods can be expensive. These foods are also often high in fat, salt and sugar. By cooking your own food at home and taking a packed lunch when you are on the go, you can control what you eat and save money.
  • Cook in bulk – Cooking in bulk can give you enough food left for another day, which saves you time and money. Invest in some cheap containers and freezer bags to store leftovers.
  • Shop in season – When buying fresh fruit and vegetables, choose ones that are in season. They will not only be cheaper, but they will taste better too.
  • Drink lots of water – Drink lots of water instead of soft drinks. It’s not loaded with sugar, and it’s free!
Article by Kylie Hunt, Aspen Corporate Health.