Skip Jet Lag

Whether you are traveling for work or as a holiday, Jet Lag can be down right irritating and even painful if traveling with someone that just doesn’t quite cope with skipping over time zones!

Jet lag is caused by disruption to the natural body cycles to do with sleeping and eating. The more time zones you cross on your flight, the worse the jet lag is going to be. The golden rule is that for each time zone you cross, allow one day for recovery.

Here are tips that might help you get through the time shift with out too many cranky days:

  • Book your flight so that you arrive at night. This helps your body adjust to the changes in time zones.
  • As tempting as it can be, try to avoid in-flight alcohol. Airline cabins are extremely dry and alcohol adds to your body’s dehydration – making the jet lag experience worse.
  • If you can, work to the local schedule as soon as you can— so if you arrive at noon local time (but it is 6am your time) eat lunch, not breakfast. Some people can find it helpful, especially on short trips overseas, to set their watch to the destination time as soon as you get onto the plane. This can help you get in the rhythm earlier rather than later.
  • Try to keep your body clock in time. If you arrive during the day, get outside and enjoy some sunshine. This should keep you going until your new bed
  • Keep up with the exercise. It not only reminds you of home and gets you back into the normal swing of things, but it can also help you to be tired when it is time for bed.
  • Forget about napping – this will only drag out the jet lag experience for longer.

Safe travels!